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Paper Jamz Guitar Delivered Free From


Get the fantastic Paper Jamz Guitar delivered for free from for under 25! This is the must have Christmas present for 2010 and ideal for budding musicians no matter how old they are. This offer really does have no strings attached as the Paper Jamz Guitar uses touch sensitive paper instead of strings so anyone can play guitar like a pro!

The Paper Jamz Guitar is ideal for children because as well as letting you play note perfect to the built in songs, it also has freestyle mode allowing you to play real guitar chords. Your child will be able to progress to the real instrument in no time at all!

Becasue the Paper Jamz Guitar comes with a built in speaker there is no need for a seperate amplifier (although Paper Jamz do one of these too.) There is also a line out socket for headphones allowing your future rock star to play as loud as they like without bothering the rest of the family!

I'm off to order mine now so if I were you i'd hurry and your guitar today, otherwise there won't be any left for Christmas!

Click here to view the Play website for more details about this promotion.

Added: 02/11/2010

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