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MyPix Summer Voucher Code 30% Off Holiday Photo Packs

Expired: 31/08/2009

MyPixMania have a great promotion running until 31st August 2009 with an offer of 30% off holiday photo packs. The MyPix voucher SUMMER9 will get you 250 Photos from only 16.66 (usually 23.80). That works out at just under 6 pence per print!

If you usually get your photos developed in small batches, prepaid photo packs are a fantastic way to make great savings compared to individual photo prints. With 30% off your order from MyPix and only one set of delivery fees, now is a great time to get all those digital photographs developed at a fraction of the cost.

Click here to visit the MyPixMania website for more details on the offer.

Added: 22/07/2009

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