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How to save 35% on your Tesco Shopping


Who else wants to know how to save 35% on their Tesco, Asda, Sainsburys or Ocado shopping?

Start shopping through and you will save time and money on your grocery bills.

What is mySupermarket?

The site is an easy to use comparison site that allows you to check product prices across Tesco, Asda Sainsburys and Ocado (Waitrose). There is a superb little widget called a 'trolley checker' that alerts you to cheaper items elsewhere and suggests low cost alternatives.

You can sign up in minutes and start saving money now!

Loyalty Points

Not only do you collect loyalty points from the supermarket you shop from i.e. Tesco Clubcard Points, you also receive iPoints which can be used at various retailers.

Save money on every shop

Unlike other promotional offers that only let you save money on your first shop, mySupermarket enables you to save money on every online shop you do. You could save 's every month.

Don't hesitate

If you want to do one thing to start saving money, don't put this off until tomorrow, register with mySupermarket today...

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Added: 08/09/2009

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