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40 off the Yale HSA6400 Wireless Intruder Alarm Kit at Screwfix

Expired: 31/12/2011

Save 40 off the Yale HSA6400 Wireless Intruder 4 Room Alarm Kit at Screwfix today. This is a real bargain price on a quality alarm from a brand you can trust. The Yale HSA6400 is an easy to install wireless burglar alarm kit that will alert you buy telephone when there is an intruder.

You can also arm and disarm the alarm via your phone which is very useful indeed. You can part arm the system at night so the downstairs is protected while you are upstairs.

Also, being a wireless alarm, it is very easy to add additional devices to the system in the future. This really is a great piece of kit at a discount price.

Yale HSA6400 Alarm Contents

1 siren box and 1 dummy siren (ideal for the rear of your property)
1 standard control panel
2 PIR motion detectors
2 door/window contacts
Batteries and fixings

Benfits of a Yale Wireless Alarm

- Easy installation
- False alarms are easily de-activated by phone if you are away
- Part arming of the system for when you are in bed
- Easy to add to the system in future
- A brand you can trust
- Great discount price (limited time only so hurry!)

This is a very popular alarm system and won't be available at a discount like this for long. Get the best price from Screwfix, protect you property and your family and order now >>>

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Added: 16/09/2011

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